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Know this when starting your business
It's good to know the basics of copyright even before starting your own business. Copyright might affect the naming of your company.
Learn the basics of copyright
With this guide you'll learn the basics of copyright and how to acquire more knowledge on the topic.
It's easy to go astray online
Even though the web is full of content, it doesn't mean it's free to use. Copyrights stand online as in everywhere else.
Do not violate copyrights, even accidentally
You are liable to compensate your violation, even if done accidentally
Social media can make you blind to copyrights
If you post copyrighted content to social media without permission, you might be held accountable for violating copyrights.
Get more information
At the end of the guide, we'll tell you where you can get more information on the topic.
Violating copyrights might escalate into a big fine
The person violating copyrights might have to pay the owner of copyrights compensation for violation AND lost profits.
What immaterial property means

Do you know how you can control your immaterial property as an entrepreneur?

In the ABC of Copyright for entrepreneurs: